How do you remove a pedal sprocket from a bicycle?

How do you remove a bicycle crank sprocket?

Remove the sprocket bolt that is attached to the sprocket using an Allen wrench. Remove the bolt that screws into the end of the crank arm axle on the sprocket side of the axle. Grasp the crank arm and pull in the direction away from the bicycle frame to remove the crank arm. Set the crank arm aside.

How do you remove pedals from a bike without a puller?

How To Remove Bike Crank?

  1. Firstly you need to remove the crank nut or bolt then slowly rotate counter-clockwise direction. This will loosen the crankset and bolt. …
  2. You can remove the dust caps if the bolt is underneath them. …
  3. Use a bolt or a spanner tool to remove and loosen the washers.

Can you remove bottom bracket without tool?

Almost anything can be taken apart without proper tools, including bottom brackets. it, but it can be done. The right tool for the job(any job) makes life much easier and will lower your frustration level by leaps and bounds. If it is a Square taper, isis or octalink then no.

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