How do you adjust brakes on a small hand bike?

How do I make my bike brakes easier to squeeze?

A few drops of oil at all the brake pivot points will likely help and many brands of brakes allow for adjustment of the pivot point “tension” via a bolt, nut, or set screw. If you have cantilever brakes then the posts where they mount to the frame might need lubrication.

Why are my bike brakes not working?

If either brake isn’t working properly, it’s likely to be a result of slack in the cable – unless your bike has hydraulic brakes, in which case they probably need ‘bleeding’ to remove air bubbles. (That’s a job for the bike shop or a confident home mechanic.)

How do you make V brakes easier to pull?

A great trick to this is to loosen the pads, pull the brake lever with one hand, and with the other hand move the pad until it’s lined up correctly. With the brake lever still pulled, gently tighten the bolt back up a small amount, but don’t fully tighten it yet.

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