How do I know my bike chain size?

How do I know my chain size?

To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.

What size is a 420 chain?

What Size Chain Do I Need?

Standard Roller Chain Specifications & Strengths
Chain Size Chain Pitch Roller Diameter
#41 1/2″ 5/16″
#420 1/2″ 5/16″
#40 1/2″ 5/16″

What size chain do I need for a 7 speed bike?

Bike Chain Size Chart

Drivetrain* External Width, in External Width, mm
9 speed 1/4″ – 9/32″ 6.5 – 7.0mm
10 speed 1/4″ – 9/32″ 6.0 – 7.0mm
10 speed narrow 7/32″ 5.88mm
11 speed 7/32″ 5.5 – 5.62mm

What’s the difference between a 420 and 428 chain?

A 420 and 428 are the same except width and the pins may be a little bigger diameter on the 428. They shouldn’t be though. Pin length should be the only difference.

What is the standard chain size?

3. Determine chain length. Our most common chain length sold is 18 inches. When it comes down to gender, women gravitate toward 16” and 18”, while men generally look for longer lengths like 20” and 24”.

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How do you measure anchor chain link?

Anchor chain is measured by the thickness of the steel making up the links. This means that 1/2-inch anchor chain is made up of links formed from 1/2-inch diameter round bar (called “wire”), which is then bent into the shape of the link and the two ends are welded together.

What size is 35 chain?

#35 Chain Dimensions

Size Pitch (P) Weight (Per Ft)
35-2 0.375″ 0.46 LBS
35-3 0.375″ 0.70 LBS
35-4 0.375″ 0.95 LBS