How do I claim the 50 bike voucher?

How do I claim my 50 bike voucher?

How to claim a Fix Your Bike voucher

  1. Apply for a voucher of up to £50 on the Fix Your Bike website.
  2. Find a mechanic registered with the scheme using this map.
  3. Book a service and take your bike to your chosen mechanic to be fixed, using the voucher to cover up to £50 of the total cost.

What happened to the bike voucher scheme?

The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme has been closed, according to the Department of Transport, with an 80% delivery on the pledge to spend £250 million helping the nation repair their bikes. … There is a a 90-day validity on the bike repair vouchers.

Will there be another fix your bike voucher scheme?

The fourth release of Fix your bike Vouchers is once again a 150,000 voucher release, which as with the third batch is 30% of the total planned release. … The Fix Your Bike voucher scheme is funded as part of the Government’s £2 billion walking and cycling budget, of which £250 million is allocated to this repair effort.

How many fix your bike vouchers have been issued?

We have now released over 400,000 vouchers, as well as fixing many more bikes via the Dr Bike pop-up maintenance stations and via other charitable organisations, eg for disabled cyclists.

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How can I get a free road bike?

You may be able to find a suitable road bike in any number of places — so long as you’re not in a hurry. Check the “Free” section of the classifieds in your local newspaper or Craigslist or

What bike do I need for my height?

#1 – Simple Size Chart

Your Height Bike Frame Size
5’7″ – 5’11” 16 – 17 inches
5’11” – 6’2″ 17-19 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″ 19 – 21inches
6’4″ and taller 21+ inches

Can you take your bike into Halfords?

If we spot a problem that requires a service we can book your bike in, at the first available opportunity, so it can be repaired by one of our fully qualified mechanics.

How does the fix your bike scheme work?

How the scheme works. Apply for you voucher on the Fix Your Bike website. Find a Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme-registered bike shop to repair your bike using the list of participating bike shops and mechanics. Take your bike and voucher code to your chosen store, and receive £50 off the cost of the repair.

What does fix your bike scheme cover?

Vouchers will cover up to £50 per cycle towards the Eligible Repairs and parts that need replacement as part of the Eligible Repairs. The cycle owner will need to pay the remainder cost if the cost is greater than £50. … A maximum of 2 vouchers can be claimed per customer address, and only 1 voucher per cycle.