Frequent question: Why are they called monkey bikes?

Are Monkey bikes good?

The Honda 125 Monkey Bike is great fun, built to a high standard and surprisingly comfortable. It handles like any other 125 but with a low seat height and being very lightweight, it is easy to ride and exceptionally nimble and manoeuvrable around town.

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Annual servicing cost: £80

Can you ride a Monkey bike on the road?

If the rider of a mini moto or quad bike is under 16 then the only place they can ride it is on private land with the land owner’s permission. It is illegal for it to be ridden on the road, pavement or public land such as parks.

Is the Honda monkey a good starter bike?

The Monkey will happily take you on the street, down dirt roads, and simple trails with zero complaints. With only 10 hp there should be no expectation of speed, but power is not needed with how fun this little Mini-Moto is to ride.

How fast is Honda Monkey?

2022 Honda Monkey Bike Based on the popular Honda Grom, it uses the same 125cc single-cylinder engine. Banana Yellow one of the colour schemes 9bhp and 8 lb ft of torque, 56mph top speed and up to 188mpg!

Is a Honda Monkey worth the money?

Value is off the charts with the Honda Monkey. It retails for $4000 and will cost you almost nothing to own for years. It’s about the same price as a low-end electric mountain bike that doesn’t look nearly as good and won’t last nearly as long.

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Is a monkey bike a moped?

What is that? A 125cc miniature motorbike with an iconic design and pretty much idiot-proof controls. So probably the easiest and most amusing entrance into the world of two wheels. Put simply, it’s the return of a legend – a freshly rebooted Honda Monkey bike for 2018.

Is the 2021 Honda Monkey street legal?

Yes, it’s street legal; and yes you want one. It’s called the Monkey, and along with the Super Cub it’s a 1-2 punch of nostalgia from Honda.