Frequent question: Is it illegal to not have a bell on your bike?

Is it illegal not to have a bell on a bicycle?

Existing laws require bikes to be fitted with a bell when they are sold as new but there is no legal requirement to keep them on bicycles or use them on the road. … The Highway Code merely suggests that cyclists “should be considerate of other road users, particularly blind and partially sighted pedestrians”.

Are bike bells mandatory?

Bicycles must be equipped with a horn or bell (VER 60, PPBl 44(b)), a brake (VER 113(2); PPBl 44(a)), and, if operated at night, a white headlight, a red taillight and a red rear reflector (VER 113(1), PPBl 44(c)). The lights must be on at night or when visibility is less than 150 m (RR 55(1), PPBl 45(a)).

Is cycling drunk illegal?

Is there a legal alcohol limit for cycling? If a Garda suspects you are cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that you do not have proper control of the bike, you can be arrested without a warrant.

Where should I put my bike bell?

As a general rule, bike bells are placed on the opposite side of the front brake, to allow the cyclist to keep a firm grip on it while ringing their bell with their other hand. You should also be able to reach the bell lever with your thumb without moving your hand from where it’s naturally placed as you ride.

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Is it illegal to bike drunk in Alberta?

Is drinking and cycling legal? As you are not operating a motor vehicle, you would not be charged under the Criminal Code. … Other sanctions may apply under the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act, including public intoxication and consuming alcohol in a public place. Can cyclists be fined under distracted driving legislation?

Are bicycle bells rude?

Nothing says “bicycle coming through” more than a bell. It is a universally known noise. … Seems bike bells annoy pedestrians, especially if they deem the bell ringing excessive. Others consider bike bells rude.

What happens if you get caught drunk cycling?

Cycling under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea. It affects reaction times, causes inhibitions to disappear and can render you incapable of controlling a bicycle. Recent research has shown that intoxicated cyclists are 10 times more at risk of being injured in a cycling accident than sober cyclists.