Frequent question: Do bikes come with warranty?

Do new motorcycles have warranty?

Although used bikes are easier on the budget, buying a new motorcycle has its advantages. Among them, the fact that a new motorcycle comes with a factory warranty. But just like with cars, not all bike warranties are created equal.

What voids a warranty on a bike?

Putting on parts other than “our genuine parts” will void your warranty! A flag that is too big will void your warranty (yes – see Cyril Huze Blog for this one) Getting your motorcycle serviced anywhere than a dealership will void your warranty.

How long is a motorcycle warranty?

While a short car warranty might be 3-years/36,000 miles, with longer ones stretching out to 7 years and up to 100,000 miles, most motorcycle warranties are only one year in duration.

What is included in bike warranty?

When the vehicle manufacturer issues a warranty, it promises that the bike is free from defects during the warranty period. If any defects arise during the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace or repair the defective part without additional costs to the customer.

Does painting a bike void the warranty?

yes, it will void your warranty. Fisher (or TCG actually) can not guarantee the work of anyone but themselves, so if anyone else repaints the frame, they can’t be responsible anymore for it. So your warranty will in fact be voided if you repaint it.

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Does changing sprocket void warranty?

As stated, the modification needs to be responsible for the failure in order for it not to be covered by warranty. Modifying a single part cannot wholesale void the warranty.

How does a motorcycle warranty work?

Depending on the manufacturer and the model of the motorbike, a manufacturer’s warranty will generally cover the repair or replacement of nearly all parts and electrical components that become faulty due to no fault of your own. … Many warranties will also cover things like the front forks, suspension, brakes and frame.

Are motorcycle batteries covered under warranty?

A battery is considered part of “normal” wear and tear, and therefore not covered. For warranty purposes it is not part of the bike.

How do I contact Suzuki motorcycles?

You can contact Customer Service at 714-572-1490. Agents are available Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:30 pst. You can also write to us at 3251 E Imperial Hwy Brea, CA 92621. Please make sure you have your vehicle ID number available.

How long is Suzuki ATV warranty?

Q. How long is a Suzuki warranty? A. Suzuki provides three years or 36,000 miles through its bumper-to-bumper warranty and seven years or 100,000 miles for powertrain coverage.