Do paddock stands fit all bikes?

Can you use front paddock stand only?

Never use a front paddock stand on its own (the bike won’t stay on it) – always put your bike on a rear stand first. … If using a front paddock stand that lifts from the headstock stem, make sure you use the correct pin: using the wrong one will mean the bike isn’t stable. It could also damage a fairing.

What’s a paddock stand for?

A paddock stand is essentially a metal contraption that keeps a motorcycle stable while it is stationary. Don’t confuse it with a side-stand or a centre-stand of your motorcycle as with a paddock stand, you can keep one wheel, or both wheels in the air.

How does front paddock stand work?

Using a Paddock Stand

Support the vehicle in a vertical position then place the stand at the back of the bike and place the clips just under the swingarm. Once the stand is placed securely and is ready to be lifted, press down the handle and lift the bike slowly.

Which motorcycle lift is best?

As our best small motorcycle lift, the hydraulically operated Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic scissor lift table is so easy to use. You’ll probably keep your bike on it full time, just for the hell of it! Its non-slip rubber pad covers a lifting platform that measures an impressive 16.

What are paddock stand bobbins?

Paddock stands lift the wheels of your bike off the ground making chain maintenance, changing brake pads so much easier. … Paddock stand bobbins, or spools, attach to your bike’s swing arm allowing the bike to be lifted by the paddock stand.

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