Can you put any seat on any bike?

Can I change the seat on any bike?

You can install a saddle using a single tool. If you’re unhappy with your saddle, don’t hesitate to replace or adjust it. There are all types of saddles for all types of bikes and rear ends. Browse around a bike shop or online, choose a saddle — and then install it in minutes on your own bike.

Should you be able to touch the ground when sitting on your bike?

5 Answers. For a standard bike in normal use you should not, from the seat, be able to touch the ground (without leaning, or except, perhaps, on extreme tip-toe).

Can you change seat on Peloton bike?

Yes, you can switch the seat out for any standard cycling seat, but don’t go get some super wide seat off Amazon — it won’t do you any favors.

Can you change the seat on a spin bike?

Can you change your seat on exercise bike? Yes, you can replace the bike seat, all you have to find is the right fitting standard seat. Many people buy a seat and when they find it comfortable they replace it and can ride in comfort.

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