Can I change the handlebars on my mountain bike?

Can I change the handlebars on my bike?

Whether it’s time for an upgrade, replacement, or you’re just looking for a simple Sunday morning project, changing your handlebars is an easy way to dramatically change the look and feel of your bike.

Can you change mountain bike handlebars to road bike handlebars?

Road and MTB shifters are interchangeable (within the same manufacturer and # of speeds) so compatibility is not a problem. New brake levers, if not using brifters.

Can I change drop handlebars to flat?

Here is the steps to convert from drop to flat handlebars:

Choose the right handlebars. Get Flat Bar Brake Levers. Get Flat Bar Shifters. Choose the right handlebars grips for you.

How much does it cost to replace bicycle handlebars?

$30-$40 sounds about right for labor, depending on what the shop’s hourly rate is, but you’ll probably have parts cost for cables, housing, bar tape. That could run another $30-$40. You could try looking for a mechanic on craigslist, in my area, i always see post from them and they are cheap.

Are drop handlebars bad for your back?

No, drop bars are only better for your back in the sense they give you more hand positions, which is helpful for longer rides (say, 50km+) – won’t matter if you’re doing 7km commutes. They also allow the rider to get into a more aerodynamic position.

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