Best answer: Who made JC Higgins bicycles?

Who made J.C. Higgins?

Shortly after World War II, Sears consolidated all of its sporting goods under the J.C. Higgins brand name. Firearms bearing the name were first manufactured in 1946. Vigne’s rifle was made by High Standard, a firearm manufacturer best known for producing .

Who made J.C. Higgins shotguns for Sears?

The Sears J. C. Higgins Model 20 Pump action shotgun first appeared in the 1948 Sears Spring and Summer Big book catalog. It was a design produced, developed tooled and manufactured by High Standard for Sears Roebuck and Co.

When did JC Higgins go out of business?

J.C. Higgins: 1908-1964.

Do JC Higgins shotguns have serial numbers?

Where is the serial number on a J.C.Higgins shotgun Model. If it was made before 1968, their was no legal requirement for a serial number. A lot of manufacturers didn’t bother to put serial numbers on their inexpensive long guns. The “583” indicates that the parent company of your firearm is High Standard.

Who made Ranger shotguns?

“RANGER” was the trade name used on guns made for Sears, Roebuck & Co. before WW-II. Many were made by J. Stevens Arms Co., but many were made by others.

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