Best answer: What is fork travel mountain bike?

What is fork travel bike?

Fork: The thing on the front of your bike that your front wheel attaches to. … Travel: The amount that a suspension fork or suspension frame can compress.

Is 100mm fork travel enough?

For basic trail riding I would recommend something closer to 120mm as most 100mm bikes are xc race bikes and likely won’t be as fun on most trails. If you want to do any drops or impacts then 100mm isn’t enough. You’ll bottom out every time.

How much fork travel should I be using?

Set sag between 20-30%. If you only ride smooth trails, you should still use about 3/4 of the travel. Measure this, since the exposed stanchion is longer than fork travel. If you start to ride harder or start to ride rougher trails and bigger drops, you will need to add air.

Is 120mm travel enough for trail?

In addition, you’re not likely to notice much difference between a 120mm, 130mm, and 140mm fork. Honesty, a 120mm fork is enough travel for most Trail riders. Longer travel doesn’t necessarily mean better.

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Are Suntour forks good?

The higher-level Suntour forks and shocks are very good. Don’t judge them by the bottom budget forks. I’d actually put them up there with Fox and RS on quality. Move along, nothing to see here.

What bike do I need for my height?

#1 – Simple Size Chart

Your Height Bike Frame Size
5’7″ – 5’11” 16 – 17 inches
5’11” – 6’2″ 17-19 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″ 19 – 21inches
6’4″ and taller 21+ inches

Is 160mm travel too much?

Generally all-mountain bikes have between 130 and 160mm of travel. … All-mountain bikes have enough suspension to tackle hardcore riding, but are often light and without too much travel for all day epics and some longer pedalling missions.

How do I know what forks will fit my bike?

The main thing you need to look for is the steerer size. Most Mtb headtube is 1.1/8″, a few are 1.5″ or the combo of the two, tapered steerer. So as long as the fork is 1.1/8″ you are good to go.

Do I really need a full suspension mountain bike?

The brief answer is: Choose a full-suspension bike if you are willing to spend a bit more and you want to ride technical trails. On the other hand, choose a hardtail bike if you’re on a tighter budget and/or plan to spend most of your time on smoother trails.

Do I need more than 100mm travel?

Some people like more length,but a bigger circumference can often add to the fun. That extra stiffness can feel better on hard rides. If you ride relatively non technical trails, or ride with people who are slow and clumsy, 100mm is more than ample.

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What does 100mm fork mean?

I just wanted to add that mm stands for millimeter (as mentioned by Chain Brain) and the conversion is this: 1 inch equals 25.4 millimeters. This means that a 100mm travel fork will compress roughly 4 inches.

Is 170mm travel too much?

But Yeah, 170mm will still be fine, you are getting on for DH-esq travel, however if you think you might make use of it, or it will help you man up a shade more then there’s no harm in giving it a whirl.

Is 150mm travel too much for a hardtail?

It depends totally on your riding style and the intended use. For pretty much XC or dirt jump, go with a 100mm XC or dirt jump fork. For general trail riding a 120 to 130 would work well. For AM to light Free ride a 140 to 160mm fork would be the ticket.