Best answer: How can I ride my bike in Toronto?

Where can I ride my bike in Toronto?

Here’s a list of 10 amazing bike paths you must ride in Toronto:

  • Waterfront Trails. The waterfront trails are divided into 3 sections:
  • Etobicoke West. This trail follows Lakeshore Blvd for 2 km. …
  • Toronto Central. …
  • Scarborough. …
  • Toronto Islands. …
  • High Park. …
  • Wilket Creek Park. …
  • Tommy Thompson Park.

Is it illegal to bike on the sidewalk in Ontario?

The sidewalk rule isn’t in Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA), but cities, including Toronto, have included it in local bylaws. In Toronto, the fine for riding on a sidewalk if older than 14 is $60. … And, the HTA does ban riding in crosswalks – if you don’t get off your bike and walk, it’s an $85 fine.

Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in Canada?

All bicycle riders under the age of 18 are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet when travelling on any public road. The total fine for not wearing a helmet is $75.

Can you ride your bike in High Park?

Owning the title of Toronto’s largest park, High Park is a place cyclists can enjoy all year round.

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How many cyclists are there in Toronto?

During the peak summer months, cyclists in Toronto made more than three million trips per week, including over 1.6 million recreation trips. Approximately 20 percent of the population (388,000) are utilitarian cyclists, riding to work and school, going shopping, running errands or going visiting.

How many cyclists died in Toronto?

In Toronto, three cyclists were killed in 2020, all within two months. In total, 22 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in the city (not including the GTA) this year.

Do people ride bike in Canada?

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, but cycling rates in our urban centres are low compared to many European cities. … More than half of Canadians who ride bicycles say they have been in, or know someone who’s been in, an accident while cycling. More than 4,200 cyclists were hospitalized in 2014/2015.

How do I unlock bike share in Toronto?

Log-in to the app with your Bike Share Toronto account to unlock bikes from your smartphone. Users can either scan a bike’s QR code to unlock or receive a 5-digit code to enter into a dock’s pin pad to unlock.