Best answer: Can I use white lithium grease on a bike chain?

Is lithium grease OK for bikes?

Most general purpose bike greases are lithium greases. They work OK for most things. Molybdenum disulphide grease (horrid black stuff) is better for coaster brakes, calcium grease is more water resistant for pedals and polyurea grease is claimed to be the best for ball races – it’s what Park Tools sell.

Can you use WD 40 white lithium grease on bike chain?

It displaces water and prevents rust, although it does have some properties that make it creep well and will improve some stuff that should be lubricated. Be certain the new “grease” is actually a lubricant if you want to lubricate you chain. If you only want to prevent rust than no doubt the old WD 40 will work.

Can you use lithium grease on carbon?

Grease won’t harm the carbon fibre. From Easton: No grease on carbon posts. Grease contains certain minerals that can attack clear coats, can penetrate the resin matrix and could cause swelling of the composite laminate.

Can you use normal grease on carbon?

Do not use regular grease on any carbon seatposts or carbon seat tubes. Tip: There is a new carbon grease we can supply that includes small particles so it protects and grips, however, unless you have this special product, you shouldn’t use any grease.

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Can you put grease on carbon?

Carbon parts will cause aluminum to oxidize, as a chemical reaction. “Carbon grease” is not actually grease. It’s a friction compound which increases the friction between your fancy carbon seat post and your frame.

What grease is safe for carbon?

Finish line ceramic grease: “It is safe. As is our Premium Teflon Grease” to use where it can contact carbon fiber parts.